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Box Scheme


A standard box contains around 10kg of fresh premium quality Red Poll Beef.

The meat has been hung for over 4 weeks to fully mature for flavour and then vacuum packed ready for freezing.


The product is in high demand so it is sold on a “first come first serve” basis.


An average box will be similar to the following selection:


Cuts                                                                             Weight

Rump Steaks                                                                  0.8kg

Sirloin Steaks                                                                 1.0kg

Minute Steaks                                                                 1.0kg

Rolled Rib, Top-side or Silverside (2 joints)                3.0kg

Brisket/Slow Roast (1 joint)                                          1.5kg

Braising Steak                                                                2.0kg

Mince                                                                               3.0kg

Diced                                                                               1.0kg


The beef can be collected from Ruscombe Farm, or it can be send by courier  (A pack takes up roughly the size of a large supermarket bag).  The cost of the courier service including packaging is roughly £25 (some destinations may cost more).


The beef box is priced at £130 - £160 dependent on size. Individual joints will be sold at a different price.  A pack can normally be quite easily split between two parties.

Tasting notes - National Trust Fine Farm Awards 2016


Topside Joint - absolutely gorgeous and sweet. 

Rump Steak - it's nice & soft & the knife just falls through it

Mince - browned really nicely, had beefy savoury aroma & was great on tasting

If you are interested in buying some beef

please contact

Rebecca or Richard

on 01453 766191



If you would like to be put on to a mailing list for future beef sales please let us have contact details, either phone or email and we can let you know when the next one will be ready.

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